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Genuine Typing Earnings - Type At Home - $25 to $175

Type At Home is a real earning opportunity from home despite depressive economic conditions throughout the world. Home Typist Job that Type At Home is providing is such a genuine opportunity that solely depends upon your capacity to work with both the common & proper senses. People tend to ridicule earning opportunities on the internet as fake, vague, dubious or fraud but let me assure you that Type At Home is real genuine opportunity as per your capacity to work with.

I start with quoting that a company that teaches you “how to learn to get paid to review products online” can’t be beatable because it is elevating your level to earn while they are earning their part. Secondly, their whole series of tutorial videos are to the point, explainative, point to point teachings and smart ways to work on with the art of reviewing products online makes you solid earner in no time. One should learn how to earn reviewing articles. You should write articles that are solving, in some way or other, some problem not just repeated catchy juicy article, over and again, will take you to the enormous audience. Thirdly before you go for real work they provide you Introductory Assignments purely to teach you and make you abreast with the type at home business. These Introductory Assignments are in real terms Practical Practice Jobs.

To sign up with Type At Home is very easy & affordable and even here are 3 levels of sign-up or entry to make you safer before going for bigger earnings.

1. Part Time Typist @ $29.99 (Non-refundable): In this sign-up you will be able to get earn $25 to $45 per assignment and the Number of assignments will be 1 to 2. No time limit for completing your given task, do it at your pace and in your leisure.

2. Full Time Typist @ $59.99 (Non-refundable): In this sign-up you will be able to get earn $50 to $75 per assignment and the Number of assignments will be 5 to 10. No time limit for completing your given task, do it at your pace and in your leisure.

3. Business Owner @ $89.99 (Non-refundable): In this sign-up you will be able to get earn $100 to $175 per assignment and the Number of assignments will be many. The Business owner position is such that you can distribute your work to others on some payment while keeping your comfortable (self decided) profit you. You also can earn through other affiliate commissions out of this position. No time limit for completing your given task, do it at your pace and in your leisure.

*All positions are not fixed job rather independent & individual contractual work as long as one wish to carry on after paying one-time sign-up amount for the chosen category.

Pay Day: For all positions mentioned above, the weekly pay day is Friday. All the weekly assignment you submit till Thursday will be paid to you on Friday of each week. You can submit your done assignments even every day by email – it is so simple.

Pay Methods: There are two ways to get payments.
1. Paypal (instant payment, only processing time differs from country to country – Max 6 days) Opening an account at Paypal is FREE. When you sign up and get your Introductory Assignment during that time you can open an account at Paypal from Type At Home’s website itself.
2. By Banker’s Check/Pay Order via mail (takes longer days. 7-12 days in mailing and 2-6 days for realization)

What kinds of jobs these 3 categorized home typists will do? As mentioned above that the job quantity varies from Part Time Typist to Full Time Typist to Business Owners but the typing territory remains within the 4 categories of job, see below:-
2. Comment Posting Typing
3. Website Review Typing
4. Bookmark Listing
Every assignment will have a specific topic, but may or may not include multiple tasks, like article typing and bookmarking, website reviewing and comment posting.

Earning Potential: Its entirely depends upon one persons caliber & capacity. See on an average people has range from $100 to $1250 per week. There are old experts who are earning much more. Again don’t forget that Type At Home offers many affiliate-incomes too; if you take advantage of that than your kitty could be fatter by even $2000 per week. Affiliate income explained at the end of this topic. A income-sketch could be as follows:-

A Part Timer can earn $100 to $500 per month but the potential is $750 to $1350
A Full Timer can earn $500 to $1000 per month but the potential is $1500 to $3000
A Business Owner can earn $1500 to $3000 per month but the potential is $3750 to $5250

Please note your caliber, class, guts and typing ability is entirely in your hands; no one knows how much you could earn but rest assure this job is very simple.

But What Type At Home is All About? Type At Home is NUMBER 1 home typing company in the word. It is here on this numero uno position from the last 12 years. It has presence in 50 countries worldwide. It’s a debt free company situated at Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA.

How it works? It has large source of typing assignments from numerous Daily Profit Companies or DPC’s. These DPCs acquire huge numbers of online assignments from big business houses & companies e.g. Home Depot, NetFlix, Walmart, Blockbuster, Lowes, AT&T, Cox Cable, etc. Those assignments processed by a home typist and submit to Type At Home. This process makes it assured for their entire worldwide home typist to receive an endless supply of assignments to earn legitimate money. That’s how a home typist earns as well as the Type At Home too. To achieve this task, first of all, they give training to a home typist to complete multiple tasks.  Initially you will start with an Introductory / training Assignment. This will give you a feel for upcoming assignments.  First you complete the Introductory / training Assignment then you will receive a bonus payment from $5 to $25 depending upon your sign up position along with immediate access to your real job. Introductory / training assignment is simple and can be completed within few hours or a day.

Beside all these activities, Type At Home advertises on World Wide Web. It also do email marketing. Heavily using Pay Per Click advertising for acquiring typing assignment of its own. These assignments then redistributed to home typist according to their categories.

Watch this video

Why recession in economy doesn’t hit Type At Home? It can’t. The reason is very simple. No matter whatever the depressive conditions are companies have to their business. They are forced to diversify into affordable or comparatively cheap strategies to boost their sales; be it service industries, manufacturing or trading sectors. They all are, day by day, opting in ONLINE MARKETING METHODS for boost or maintaining reasonable levels of profit in their businesses. Even Coca Cola has recently started online home delivery services for that they are looking for area-wise delivery agencies. They are procuring business, sales and orders from online callers and getting it distributed by territorial delivery franchises. Similarly, companies are doing promotion for them through putting reviews, advertisements, write-ups, blogging, facebook, article-promotion, content insertions etc. etc. and home typist is their distributing agents who are putting articles for these companies on the internet. This endless, untiring and day by day increasing necessity so therefore a home typist can’t idle throughout a year. And this is precisely the mantra of success for the worlds No 1 home typing job provider company the Type At Home.

Grow Within: One can upgrade one’s position at any time on click of a button. You may have started with Part Time Typist but after few days you may realize that this position is too short for your caliber then immediately click the “upgrade position” button and you will be upgraded to your chosen position. Of course you have to pay the amount applicable to that position. No Free Lunch.

Affiliate Income: Please note that if you really want to make a fortune through online business or internet or networking then you have to be ready to go for Affiliate Income through Affiliate Marketing. Type At Home also provides several affiliate-marketing option to its typist for extra income other than typing. This income comes to you unknowingly even while you are sleeping deep. Affiliate means – a partner/associate/member/colleague; so what does that means? Type At Home affiliating with Mobile Monopoly & Lottery Circle and further offering you to become affiliate with them with a lucrative per referral offer from
$12 &
respectively for Part Timers, Full Timers and Business Owners. What you have to do is to make referrals of these products through hyperlink during your bookmarking activities or reviews or comment or article postings. You did a hard work once and will get income for many days even in the dark midnight. The pleasant secrets will open when you check your account in the morning.
These $6 to $18, are a huge income; just become affiliate & do the referral and see the huge change in your income scenario. Not only these two but there are several other links that Type At Home will provide you during their assignments. You could also encash that affiliate offers to your additional benefits / income.

Video Tutorials: Oh My God! Type At Home has array of tutorial videos for each & every situation, step by step. All these videos are professional, elaborate and slow in both speed & speech that makes understanding the tutorial easier for non-English speaking persons. They have full range of tutorial videos from Introductory Assignments to Business Owner positions to respective and different kinds of jobs & situations. You can go on to You Tube and found numerous videos, in case you need some issue urgently meet out. If you want to check some of the videos right now you an type introduction video no 1-TroyG and you will not only find this one but series of other videos by Type At Home.

During completing your assignments you can struck up some where then start that respective video and play it for one step then pause it, complete that step and then again play it, listen and pause, complete next step and do it again & over till your task get completed. After some assignments you will be a perfect or flawless home typist. Which company takes that much of pain? They want you to grow along with them.

Back Office Support: Here again I would like to S~C~R~E~A~M.  OH MY GOD! WoW!!!
Here they stand out as – Brilliant! There response rate is 6hours although they claim they will be solving your problem within 48 hrs. To my experience, so far, I got all types of my queries’ replied back in less than 10 hrs – barring Saturdays & Sundays. They are prompt, quite explanative and to-the-point while replying.
There EPBAX phone number is always remain attached on with TAM (Telephone Answering/Recording Machine) but if you leave a proper message with email detail they make contact with you in a least expected time. The best way to deal with the back office is to emailing them whenever you need so. Don’t hesitate; they reply even nonsense or amateurish mail – (my experience).

Agreement Form: This form is mandatory. You have to submit it along with the submission of your Introductory Assignment. This simple form all you need to do – a signature and a date. Mind it you are not an employee of Type At Home; you are an independent contractor or self employed person with all the tax and other liabilities on you shoulders. (as applicable country to country).

For Whom This Opportunity is? Very right question! This opportunity actually is for all those who want legitimate, at their pace, in their home, at their doorstep income. You may be unemployed youth, middle-aged or retiring, you may be sacked out of your job owe to recession, you may be homemaker, you may be a student with a urge to earn extra, YOU MAY BE ANYBODY in ANY SITUATION, TYPE AT HOME is FOR ALL at your doorstep. If you stay with it sincerely and methodically you can even replace your existing salary/income with it. It has lot of power to transform life.

My Opinion: I recommend you to join Type At Home at the next call. It’s not a scam or fraud. They paid me on time. In fact, they are paying for the last 12 years. They are helpful, genuine and business providing company. GO FOR IT.